About Solar City Africa

After 3 years of planning and studies the company Solar City Africa was established in 2018 in Dar es Salaam as a Venture Capital company for solar smart city design and application of latest technologies in the smart city theory and practice based on Green Finance investment philosophy.

The primary aim of the company is to develop new generation of Smart City for Africa based on  Integrated Energy Digital Platforms for Smart Cities and harmonised ecosystem with advanced education.

The first project of the Solar City Africa is Solar Smart City Project in Tanzania. This will be followed by projects in other East African countries.

Our Mission

The company provides solutions for Solar Energy for Solar Smart City Projects in Tanzania and other countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, and provides design of new Solar Energy projects based on the principles of sustainability and Green Finance.



“100% Green Finance”

The project is structured so that 100% of Green Finance can be invested. We use only the latest technologies involved with Zero Carbon Dioxide Emission. 



We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Salim Zagar

Director and Co Founder

Alexander Barabanov

Director and Co Founder

BOT 5DSC 0.2

Data Management

Mercy Kametta

IT Manager